Freelance Craft CMS Developer.

DesignKarma is a small but mighty web agency led by Ian Ebden – a designer-developer with over 20 years experience. I've been designing and building Craft CMS-powered websites since 2014 for a wide range of clients and agencies, and I'm often seen as a safe pair of hands for clients and agencies who need a Craft CMS developer with some front end chops.

Over 20 years industry experience

Since 1997 I've been working with agencies across London, Manchester, Cheshire, and the UK - even as far afield as the US and Australia; Agencies that need to outsource to a reliable Craft CMS developer, or quickly bring someone in on an existing project with no drama. Some of DesignKarma's best work is done for agencies under non-disclosure agreements, which is why the folio is a little bare! I'm happy to work covertly as an extension of your team, or I can just as easily deal directly with the client.

Freelance Craft CMS Developer on DesignKarma

For larger or more complex projects, I'm also able to involve my network of trusted and highly skilled individuals for various specific tasks. So if you have a Craft CMS project that needs an extra pair of hands, why not drop me a line.

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