Website for global leaders in integrated security and life safety systems.

During the pandemic, TFS found themselves busier than ever supplying personal protective equipment, plus life safety systems, security for closed premises, and many more key services. However the website was old, slow and full of bugs and stale content. DesignKarma delivered a complete performance and SEO audit, creating a robust blueprint for the new website.

Tailored Fire & Security are a B2B company providing complex technical solutions. It's always difficult to make organisations and brands like this look slick and sexy online. So, while the new website won't blow anyone away aesthetically, it does nevertheless deliver for the client and the end user.

Performance Gains

We performed a full technical audit of the old TFS website, taking benchmark SEO and performance scores using Google Lighthouse and GTmetrix. The table below shows scores on mobile and desktop for the old homepage versus the new one.

Google Lighthouse

Old Homepage Mobile Desktop
Performance 36 91
SEO 83 82
New Homepage Mobile Desktop
Performance 74 89
SEO 91 92

As you can see, performance has improved a lot on mobile (similar on desktop), but SEO has improved significantly. Homepage performance has been hindered mostly due to the client’s insistance on using multiple sliders – something we advised against.


Old Homepage Score
Grade D
Performance 64%
Structure 54%
New Homepage Score
Grade C
Performance 77%
Structure 75%

GTmetrix provides a more detailed breakdown, and shows good overall gains despite the extra content, sliders/scripts etc…

While there’s more work to do, the new TFS website is definitely a big improvement on the previous one. The updated content, improved UX, plus greater focus on SEO and performance now has the client in a much stronger position moving forwards.