Craft CMS Development

Ian Ebden · April 19, 2017

Looks like this article was written a while ago. Some of the ideas and/or techniques described may now be obselete.

As an experienced Craft CMS developer Manchester, we love working with Craft - the excellent, award-winning publishing platform. So do our clients. It’s a flexible, secure, powerful yet easy-to-use system that puts your content first. Check out some of the features below:


Matrix is a powerful field type that enables a new level of content flexibility in Craft. It’s great for times when you need to store repeating content, or string multiple types of content together.

Matrix in Craft
Pages can be composed of 'blocks' of content

Live Preview

See how your content will look before it goes live with Live Preview. You can even share your work with others by clicking on the Share button.


With Craft Pro, all of your site’s content can be localized to target specific languages and territories – from the URLs down to the individual fields’ values.

Locales in Craft

One-click Updates

Keeping Craft up-to-date with the latest features, bug fixes, and security enhancements couldn’t be easier with Craft’s magical one-click updating.

Custom Fields

Craft doesn’t make any assumptions about your content. You’re in charge of defining it by setting up custom fields to capture the information you need. Craft even comes with 18 different types of fields to choose from.

Custom Fields in Craft

Section Types

Not all content is created equal. Craft comes with three types of sections that let you manage your entries differently depending on your use case.

Sections in Craft

Entry Types

Channel and Structure sections can store multiple types of content, which are defined by their Entry Types. Each Entry Type gets its own set of custom fields.


Craft comes with desktop-class asset management built in. Create subfolders, move folders and files around, rename them, and view files in a list or thumbnail view.

Assets in Craft

Store files in the cloud

Craft Pro can connect to Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud Files, and Google Cloud Storage. When you set up a cloud-based asset source, it shows up right alongside your local sources, and you can even move folders and files between your local and cloud-based sources.


Craft Pro comes with full-featured user management, public user registration, and a simple yet powerful permission system.

Create multiple user groups

Craft lets you create as many user groups as you want, and each user can belong to multiple groups.

User Groups in Craft

Categories & Tags

Keeping things organized in Craft is easy with its built-in category and tag support.

Categories in Craft

Responsive CP

Craft sports a responsive control panel, so you can edit your content on the go from your mobile devices.