Craft CMS Development with DesignKarma

DesignKarma is a small but mighty web agency based in Manchester.

We're an Official Partner of Craft CMS, the award-winning publishing platform that puts you in charge of your content. Managing your content is fast, simple and secure.

Experienced, trusted Craft CMS development

DesignKarma have worked with the platform for several years, for a wide variety of projects including corporate sites, online stores, extranets and complex customer CRMs.

Craft has become a very popular choice for content management, trusted by top global brands like Adidas, Netflix, Ikea and Volkswagen.

Check out the latest Craft usage statistics.

Our Craft-powered CRM for Octopus Safety

Our clients love Craft because it's so easy to use. We love Craft because it just gets out of the way, and let's you design and develop the website or web app exactly how you want it.

A commercial platform with a bright future

Craft has a free version and a "Pro" commercial version. It's backed by an established company with a full time team, providing excellent support, and regular fixes and new features. This, combined with a large and evangelical developer community, means your project has a very bright future.

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Web Design

We've been designing websites since 1997 for a huge range of clients and agencies, across a broad spectrum of industries. Everything we do is simple, focussed and easy to use.

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Web Design

Web Development

We build rock-solid websites and web apps, powered by industry leading software and techniques. Everything we do is responsive, search optimised, accessible and lightning fast.

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Web Development

Content Management

We use award-winning publishing platforms to put you in charge of your content. Managing your content is fast, simple and secure.


Modern SEO is a key component to your online business. We give you the tools to succeed, and a website that's optimised for performance and indexing.


Nobody likes waiting for web pages to load. That's why at DesignKarma we build our sites with performance in mind, so our pages are blazing fast.


Using tried and tested platforms like Shopify, Craft Commerce and Snipcart to transform your online business.