Looks like this article is over a year old, so some of the technical solutions or opinions may be a bit outdated now.

DesignKarma has been very busy during the pandemic lockdown, supporting clients by enhancing their websites, adding new features and supporting various digital marketing campaigns. The lockdown has also given me personally, the chance to help an artist friend who has had to shutter his gallery for the foreseeable future. We just launched https://paultavernor.com.

Paultavernor 3by2

Paul is a well-established wildlife artist and sculptor, and a personal friend. So DesignKarma was only too happy to help build a simple online store for Paul to sell his work and continue his passion.

The store is powered by Craft CMS with a Snipcart basket, and is simple and secure enough for Paul to manage from home on his laptop and phone.

We look forward to seeing Paul continue to create beautiful work, inspiring everyone during the difficult months (or years?) ahead.