Looks like this article is over a year old, so some of the technical solutions or opinions may be a bit outdated now.

On April 4th the makers of Craft announced the release of the much anticipated Craft 3, and I'm already up-and-running building sites on the new platform.

It took longer than we expected, but for the right reasons. Craft 3 is significantly faster and more scalable, and it’s a modern, forward-facing platform that we’ll be able to build on for years to come.

The new release packs in a bunch of new features and improvements, including:

  • Multi-Site. Craft’s localization features are all grown up.
  • Image Editor. Crop, rotate, flip, and set focal points on your images.
  • Asset Preview. Quickly view your assets everywhere by pressing Shift + Spacebar.
  • Debug Toolbar. Learn everything there is to know about how your requests are being processed.
  • Element Queries. Fetch the exact content you need.
  • PostgreSQL. Like MySQL, but way better in every way.
  • Plugin Store. Discover, try, and buy Craft plugins right in the Control Panel.

That's just scratching the surface. For more information, read their blog post at: https://craftcms.com/news/craf...