Looks like this article is over a year old, so some of the technical solutions or opinions may be a bit outdated now.

Like many Craft developers I'm really excited about this year's Craft 3 release. It's a major update with over 640 changes, including PostgreSQL, PHP 7, more powerful templating, the Plugin Store, and ridiculous speed and performance enhancements.

One of the biggest changes though is Craft's badass new image editor. From the makers of Craft:

Now you can crop, rotate, flip, and straighten your photos right from within the Control Panel. And set focal points, which tells Craft where it should focus on when cropping photos for image transforms.

Up to now I've been adding a custom 'Cropping Preference' dropdown to images in Craft so – for example – clients can avoid instances of heads being chopped off in photos. Craft 3's Focal Point is a much more useful solution. I can definitely see it becoming really powerful when serving 'art directed' images, where you might want different images with different Focal Points depending on the device/viewport width/orientation…

Early indications are that Craft 3 will be out of beta this summer, so stay tuned. More information available here.