Craft Work 15 Manchester. Done

Ian Ebden · June 15, 2015

Looks like this article was written a while ago. Some of the ideas and/or techniques described may now be obselete.

The event took place on consecutive days at Manchester’s Museum of Science & Industry (MOSI). Day one focussed on front end development with Craft, with day two dedicated to extending Craft with plugins, and enhancing with performance tips. Most attendees came from ExpressionEngine backgrounds, and were already familiar with Craft. There was something for everyone though, and feedback has been good.

The workshops were led by Joel Bradbury who worked extremely hard to deliver a ton of information. He deserves huge thanks for sharing his hard earned knowledge with the group.

Craft Work was also a great chance to network and hook up with some familiar faces, as well as make new contacts. We’re looking at possibly doing another Craft Work – probably in the UK – before Autumn. Make sure you keep an eye on for more details.