Riviera Travel Reboot.

Looks like this article is pretty old. Some of the information and/or techniques may now be obselete. Just sayin’
Riviera Travel Reboot on DesignKarma

DesignKarma was thrilled to once again be asked to redevelop the Riviera Travel website, marking the 3rd revamp since 2008. Each time resulting in a boost in traffic and sales.

Riviera Travel are the UK’s largest overseas escorted tour operator, with national press and TV coverage. They’ve been a DesignKarma client since 2008, and have been very receptive to new ideas. In particular they were one of the first clients to really adopt the concept of responsive design – designing for handheld devices. This has enabled them to more easily engage with their audience and take sales to the next level.

The previous website was a runner-up in The Guardian travel awards. Here’s hoping version 3 will top the list!

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