Digital Marketing Agency Cheshire with DesignKarma

DesignKarma is a small but mighty web agency based in Manchester.

The best website on the Internet is useless if people cannot find it. That's where an effective digital marketing campaign from Cheshire agency DesignKarma comes in.

Successful Digital Marketing is all about strategy and hard work

But don't worry DesignKarma is here to help! We have a wealth of experience when it comes to understanding how to get your message out there, and climb the search engine rankings. We give you the tools to create and manage quality content, and we build super fast web pages so when the search bots show up they are given the VIP treatment!

Lighthouse report
Tools like Google Lighthouse can benchmark your performance and SEO

Managing your digital marketing campaign

Once your beautiful new website is live, we can work with you to monitor and manage your search engine optimisation, domain authority, page performance, backlinks and more. We use industry leading tools like Screaming Frog, Google Lighthouse, Ana­lyt­ics and the Google Search Con­sole.

We can even help you start a link-building campaign, and identify social media influencers you can engage with.

There's so much to think about. Talk to us today about your digital marketing needs and let's get started.


Web Design

We've been designing websites since 1997 for a huge range of clients and agencies, across a broad spectrum of industries. Everything we do is simple, focussed and easy to use.

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Web Design

Web Development

We build rock-solid websites and web apps, powered by industry leading software and techniques. Everything we do is responsive, search optimised, accessible and lightning fast.

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Web Development

Content Management

We use award-winning publishing platforms to put you in charge of your content. Managing your content is fast, simple and secure.


Modern SEO is a key component to your online business. We give you the tools to succeed, and a website that's optimised for performance and indexing.


Nobody likes waiting for web pages to load. That's why at DesignKarma we build our sites with performance in mind, so our pages are blazing fast.


Using tried and tested platforms like Shopify, Craft Commerce and Snipcart to transform your online business.