Busi­ness-crit­i­cal extranet for Riv­iera Trav­el tour managers.

Riv­iera Trav­el are Europe’s lead­ing escort­ed tour oper­a­tor, and a long­time DesignKar­ma client. So we were thrilled to be asked to devel­op their new extranet ARTi. Now the small army of Riv­iera Trav­el Tour Man­agers can login whilst on tour to get news and updates, file expens­es, lost prop­er­ty or acci­dent reports, check their cal­en­dars and much more.


The project includ­ed a num­ber of key chal­lenges, includ­ing inter­fac­ing with Riviera’s API and tours sys­tem to lookup tour man­agers, their avail­abil­i­ty, tours and depar­ture dates, and so on. ARTi also sends out reminder emails to tour man­agers to com­plete expens­es and tour debriefs after they return.

Giv­en that most tour oper­a­tors will be access­ing ARTi in the field’ on tablets over a cel­lu­lar con­nec­tion, it was also essen­tial that pages loaded quick­ly and were easy to use on small­er viewports.

ARTi screens

DesignKar­ma pro­vide us at Riv­iera Trav­el with a num­ber of CMS based solu­tions. Pick­ing the right tools for the job and being tru­ly com­mit­ted, I high­ly rec­om­mend DK as a one of the best Web Design com­pa­nies that we’ve worked with.

Tim Mahoney, Head of IT, Riviera Travel

The key func­tion of ARTi is for tour man­agers to com­plete paper­work online, includ­ing tour debriefs, expens­es, food reports, injuries and inci­dents, lost prop­er­ty, and sick­ness. Com­plet­ed forms are stored in ARTi and secure links emailed to the Riv­iera Trav­el Oper­a­tions team. ARTi then also pro­vides online report­ing so Ops can eas­i­ly track expens­es per month, sick­ness­es per tour, unfound lost prop­er­ty, and much more.

The video above shows one of the many forms available to Tour Managers to update Operations on sicknesses or incidents on tours; feedback on food, accommodation and excursions; and submit expenses and client feedback.